• The Power of Beauty

    As a pivot my practice to work exclusively with providers of beauty products and services, I am excited to participate in what I consider to be the power of beauty. The Power of Beauty Products As a native Californian, I was born with a suntan. My family spent the [...]

  • The Quest for High ROI

    Portfolio diversification, tax efficiency, profit generation, consistent cash flow, inflation protection, and wealth creation are the primary goals for real estate investing. In California, it is possible to excel in these areas with real estate investments. My name is Laura Artman and my approach to real estate management is ROI [...]

  • How to Not Beat the Market

    Recently I had the same conversation with three different women. I had placed my condo on the market and all three women advised me that there is a) more room in the market for growth, b) opportunities to beat the market. Losers Game One of the best books a person [...]

  • Managing Your Money After Retirement

    Taking the Right Kind of Risks The greatest challenge in investing as we age is to resist the urge to stop taking financial risk. In our minds, we are playing it safe by eliminating stocks or other riskier investments from our portfolio. We don't want to "run out of money" in our old age.  However, [...]

  • Buyer’s Guide

    Start Your Search The first step in buying a new home is for us to identify the neighborhoods you want to live in. Save your favorite homes, then add them to a collection – where we can comment and collaborate. Get Pre-Approved Why should you get pre-approved? Simple – to determine what you can [...]

  • Realty During Covid-19

    A Guide for Buying and Selling Realty During Covid-19 became an important priority when the world came to a sudden halt and the State of California ordered us to stay home.  As we continue to move through this crisis, be sure you find the best representative who is committed to your safety and to the [...]

  • Client Handbook to Escrow

    CLIENT HANDBOOK TO ESCROW Resource guide with definitions, FAQs, and a directory of vendors and services providers to help you through the escrow process. LOCAL RESOURCES Four Seasons Escrow 78070 Calle Cadiz La Quinta, CA 92253 760.564.4044 ph 760.771.2999 fx info @ 4seasonsescrow.com [...]

  • Selling Your House

    Congratulations on starting the process of selling your home! This timeline will guide you through the steps required. I will provide insights on each step. You don't need to follow it exactly, but, it is recommended you consider each step especially if you are a first time selling. INTRODUCTION Selling a [...]

  • An Introduction to Palm Springs

    Palm Springs is a vibrant resort community nestled at the northern part of the Coachella Valley. The city has been a hub for the entertainment industry since the 1950’s. My mother’s family lived north of Palm Springs and in the 1940’s the family band would pack up and drive here to perform. Be sure [...]

  • Markets and Behavior

    When the stock market made a dramatic decline at the beginning of the millennium I was a registered investment advisor working in Northern California. Fortunately I was still teaching finance courses part-time at California State University, Chico and was grateful each day when I left the office for the classroom because it meant a break [...]

  • Never Pay More

    Recently a friend asked me to explain why a buyer should never pay more than appraised value on leveraged property.  Since she had taken a few classes I began by explaining the opportunity costs associated with this strategy and I could see her eyes "glass-over" and I knew I had lost her. When I shifted [...]

  • 5 Important Considerations When Using Vitamin C Serum

    About a month ago I was sitting outdoors next to a friend of mine in Palm Springs. It was a hot day in July and I was enjoying her company and her beautiful pool. She and I started talking about skin care and I was a little alarmed when I learned how she was using [...]

  • A good friend of mine recently called because she forgot her sunscreen and got a sunburn. I was able to treat her skin and give her some relief. After the treatment, I went through my list of 10 simple things to protect your skin from summer damage. It's More Than [...]

  • I am so happy to announce that I graduated from esthetician training at the International School of Beauty in Palm Desert, California. The curriculum is about six months long so I had to pace myself. It is amazing how difficult it is to get back into the habit of studying [...]

  • Healthy skin often begins with a Classic European facial. This classic facial is the foundation of skin care and should be continued as a part of ongoing monthly skin care routine. Classic European facials are uncomplicated and designed to improve the look, feel and overall health of the skin. You [...]

  • Lorem ipsum is a placeholder text used in publishing and graphic design to demonstrate the layout of a document without having to add relevant text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut vel dapibus quam, eget dictum lectus. Pellentesque condimentum vulputate tincidunt. Nunc elementum sapien eget tellus commodo, [...]

  • Finding a good domain name is a very difficult task. There are so many variables to consider that it is part art and part science. When I stumbled upon the name Kirombo I was so excited because I could not find a single product and only a handful of people [...]

  • Recently a friend asked me to explain why a buyer should never pay more than appraised value on leveraged property.  Since she had taken a few classes I began by explaining the opportunity costs associated with this strategy and I could see her eyes "glass-over" and I knew I had [...]

  • Consider Orange County. Forbes Magazine recently reported that Orange County is one of the most likely places to raise a world class athlete. The Realtor Association reports that the housing market for 2017 is optimistic for first-time home buyers. Almost half of these buyers are under 35 years old. If [...]

  • This is the California real estate update for October 20th and the first in a series of posts that looks at some of the interesting trends, stats, and opportunities in real estate in California and Orange County. The format includes about 3-4 interesting notes and the entire podcast will last [...]

  • Place where you pay taxes have drivers license registered to vote receive mail If you want to switch properties, you should create a paper trail (document) the change.  

  • Yesterday I completed the requirements to earn a certificate in property management by the California Association of Realtors®. I decided to add this designation to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing today's investors and property owners.

  • Laguna Woods Dynamic Red Head Moving to an age restricted community is not what I thought it would be, it's better. Part of what I find exciting are the people. Everyday since I moved to Laguna Woods, I meet interesting people and the first day I moved in was no exception. [...]

  • This weekend while I was enjoying a ride through the Laguna Woods Village golf cart tunnel, I reflected on some of the adventures I am having as I settle into The Village.

  • When individuals and families decide to set a strategy for aging in place, they should address these important considerations. Everything on the list is straightforward and nothing is surprising.

  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) Designation This week I successfully completed the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation course and was awarded the appropriate certification. I decided to complete the course to demonstrate a commitment to helping everyone, including people over the age of 50. As a seasoned financial planner and educator, [...]

  • A 1031 exchange involves a swap of like-kind real estate for like-kind real estate. Tax-deferred 1031 Exchanges are important for investors of commercial and income properties. Federal tax law allows taxpayers to defer capital gains tax on the exchange of property used in trade or business or held for [...]

  • A traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP can own real estate in a self-directed account. Eligible types of property are land, commercial property, rental condominiums or residential property, trust deeds, and real estate contracts. The purchase must involve an IRA custodian or trustee specializing in real estate. The custodian [...]

  • Professional couple living in the Settle area is seeking a chic urban condo in Seattle or the Eastside. This couple is more interested in style that size so let me know if you have a micro or small unit that shows well.

  • I am working with a buyer who is seeking to replace her rural ranch property for 10 acres close to an urban area. She is seeking 2-3 bedrooms and would like multiple outbuildings. The buyer is seeking ample water during California's driest periods.

  • This retired professional woman is seeking something quiet and rural. She is downsizing so needs less land (1/2 acre). She is hoping to stay in Northern California. Project Description: Small country property in small town

  • The holidays are coming up so be sure to note that I will be away from the office from December 23 - January 4th. If this is an emergency be sure to call the office day or night.

  • If you are considering retiring in the next decade, you might consider real estate investments. Learn how to evaluate income investment opportunities.

  • A conventional loan is a mortgage that is not guaranteed or insured by the US government. Conventional mortgages include construction loans, portfolio loans, and subprime loans. Conventional loans are the most common type of mortgage. Fannie and Freddie follow the below criterion to evaluate mortgages they purchase: They must [...]

  • All Applicants Copy of current form SSA-1099 for receipt of Social Security Current bank statements, dated within 30 days of application. (All pages for each account: savings, checking, etc.) Current monthly statement for mutual funds, retirement accounts, IRA's, stocks, etc. dated within 30 days of application. (All pages) Completed [...]

  • SSL security for clients and patients is often overlooked when private practices develop purchase web development services. Every site owner knows that over time, the costs start adding up. The cost of SSL for a small practice is often seen as prohibitive.  This article was written for my clients who [...]

  • Graphic design is an essential part of every piece of marketing collateral and is undertaken to convey a specific message (or messages) to a target audience. I provide a variety of graphic designs for logos, packaging, branding, print and web. I use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a balanced, focused and symmetrical final result.

  • CMS Client Training for WordPress®, Drupal®, and Joomla® Websites Learn how to create content for your WordPress website with private CMS client training. One-on-one training is instructor-led interactive online with private and group session available. Learn how to create and edit content. […]

  • I am excited to attend this year's Seattle WordCamp 2013. I've been lucky enough to attend WordCamp in SF, but this is the first time in Seattle. This is also the first time I will be speaking at WordCamp. As a seasoned DrupalCamp speaker, I am excited to get more [...]

  • Laguna Woods is a unique and interesting city in Orange County, California. It is listed as one of the safest in California by Movoto, Safewise, and more. The population is between 16,000-17,000 with a median age of 78. The majority of the City consists of Laguna Woods Village, an age restricted community.

  • Review of Online Storage Providers Online storage of computer files is becoming more important to companies, professional practices, and even individuals and families. I have been purchasing online storage for several years and am thrilled with all the storage solutions that are commonly known as cloud storage. This article provides [...]

  • It is easy for small business owners to manage their own hosting and domain registration services if you keep it simple and avoid temptations. 1) Start Here with Hostgator hosting (since they will move your site FOR FREE).  Do this before you initiate hosting or at the same time. 2)  [...]

  • Be sure to replace yourdomain.com with your actual domain name. Your/Display name: anything you want Email address: enter the full address (name@yourdomain.com) Type of connection: POP3 or IMAP Incoming mail server: mail.yourdomain.com Outgoing mail server: mail.yourdomain.com Outgoing mail server does require authentication. Incoming mail port: 110 for POP3, 143 for [...]

  • Managing your email is a snap with cPanel and Webmail. Simply follow the simple steps below and you are on your way to having total control over your email. Intended Audience:  Clients with maintenance agreement for hosting Objective: Demonstrate how to create, edit and delete email accounts Critical Information: This [...]

  • I was recently talking to local practitioner about ways to add value to the firm. During the course of the conversation I realized that he and I were talking about two different concepts. I was talking about adding value to his net worth and he was talking about the economic [...]

  • This article was written to answer some simple questions about websites, domains, email, hosting, and other important internet services. If you've ever wondered how sites are hosted and by whom, and how domain names are created, then this article will be helpful. Where to Start You will want to begin [...]

  • I provide cPanel software for my clients to manage their server account. cPanel is server administration software that makes it easy to perform the necessary tasks to maintain your server. Many clients want to manage their email accounts and/or want the ability to create, edit, and delete accounts without our [...]

  • Writing effective copy is a very challenging job that has been made more difficult with the need to make the information search engine optimized. Search engine optimized (SEO) copywriting requires clear goals and precise keywords.  If these keywords are used appropriately and in a clear manner, you will improve your [...]

  • WordCamp San Francisco took place August 7 and I was able to attend the streaming edition of the Camp. I had purchased a ticket and was unable to attend in person so this was the next best thing. Naturally the most exciting presentation was the "State of the Word" by Matt Mullenweg.

  • Housing Corporations at Laguna Woods Village Third Laguna Hills Mutual Condominiums United Laguna Woods Mutual Stock Co-Operative Laguna Woods Mutual No. Fifty High-Rise Condominiums Financial Requirements Summary Assets of $125,000 more than the price of the property Annual income of $36,000 (co-op) to $42,000 (condo) Age Requirements Summary One owner must be [...]

  • Emergency Services - Call 911 CALL 911 IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY Emergency Resource List Care Ambulance Service Call 911 Orange County Fire Authority Call 911 Hospitals And Medical Centers Near Laguna Woods Hoag Hospital Irvine 949-764-4624 16200 Sand Canyon Avenue Irvine, CA 92618 Kaiser Permanente 888-988-2800 3440 E La [...]

  • Laguna Woods is considered one of the safest cities in California. Per 100,000 Arcata Chico Laguna Woods 2012 2013 2012 2013 2012 2013 Murders 0 17 1 2 0 0 Rapes 12 39 53 47 0 12 Robberies 115 84 109 108 12 6 Assaults 184 239 161 183 12 [...]

  • Laguna Woods Statistics Home Prices As seen around the nation, home prices started falling in the mid 2000's. Laguna Woods was no exception. The median home price today is reported between $260,000 - $311,000 depending on the source. Here are some interesting statistics by National Association of Realtors® Population Growth [...]

  • If you have an account with LinkedIn you should read this email. The social network giant has had a major security breach in their password database and a file with 6.5 million hashed passwords appeared in a forum based in Russia. The posted file does not include user names or [...]

  • The following reference material is provided for your convenience What You Most Need to Know About WordPress Writing Posts Media Library […]

  • Project Planning Client and developer work together to define the project and project deliverables. Includes these steps: Requirements analysis client goals, target audience, detailed feature requests and as much relevant information as you can possibly gather. Project charter summary of agreed upon information define navigation gain access to servers and [...]

  • Have you ever wondered about the M I S in our company name?  Originally, the MIS part of the name came from the acronym "management information systems", which is the initial intent for the company. Given that we create custom databases, project managers, CRMs and more we thought MIS was [...]

  • Last week we released a new edition of TeaLeafMedia.com. It contains three slide show galleries: People, Places, and Things.  The photos in the exhibit were taken in a variety of cities and were typically taken outdoors at community events.  The slide shows have musical accompaniments, so be sure your speakers [...]

  • Order a Quick CMS Website by June 16th and receive a Free mobile edition of your site.  The mobile edition will be created with a mobile theme that is designed to better display your site's information with mobile devices. What's Included: Home Page Blog or News List of Services Contact [...]